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Cricket web

Wood Cricket web - (Family: Gryllacrididae; sp. ???)

Our camel treks explore rather than conduct a tour as such and we often find unusual and interesting natural phenomena. Several years ago we found this "web" covering the entrance to a Fairy Martin's mud nest.

Upon closer examination we found that the nest contained eggs which had recently died. We dismantled the nest and saw a large black Wood Cricket scuttle off but no spiders.

We sent the web off to CSIRO and they reported back saying it was made from a foam like substance and was not from a spider. They couldn't tell us anything else about it.

We believe that this web was made by the Wood Cricket. It invaded the bird nest and built this web with special secretions to keep the Fairy Martins out. In doing so it secured for itself a relatively stately and secure home. As far as we could ascertain the Wood Cricket must have had a rear exit and entry point.

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Cricket web
Wood Cricket's web over entrance to Fairy Martin nest
Photo - Philip Gee



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