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Loading trek gear

Preparing to load camel trek gear at beginning of day

Loading the camels at the beginning of the day is the staff's favourite time with the camels.

It isn't always easy, particularly when the weather is windy and cold or the ants are plentiful, but loading the camels provides the most amount of contact you'll have with the animals.

The trek gear is laid out beside each of the saddles and the camels are brought in (by you) from their morning browsing session. Full of food and content in the morning sun, the camels are sat down beside their respective saddles where they wait patiently for their turn to be loaded. They like the sun in their face and the wind blowing from behind.

The camels are quite used to the daily routine which never really changes and they sit down patiently, chewing their cud and lavish in the rubbing and jostling as their saddle and trek gear is loaded. The more experienced camels love the physical contact.

When it is all over they wait patiently for the instruction to rise (UP UP UP UP!!) and begin their day's work.

All loaded (bar one) and ready to set out for the first day (Photo - Tony Sheffield 2006).

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Unloading trek gear

Preparing to load at beginning of day
Photos - Tony Sheffield (2006)



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