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Senior guide - Lyn Gee

Lyn Gee joined Explore the Outback camel safaris in 2005 and has shown herself to be a competent bushwoman in every respect. Nothing is too hard for Lyn and her connection with the camels is outstanding.

Hailing from Queensland, Lyn cut her teeth in South Australia's outback at the Baxter immigrant detention centre where her strong principles of fairplay and human rights were aired. She uses these same principles with the camels and they respect her immensely and respond to her extremely well.

Lyn has also completed a double degree (law/arts) and practices in Port Augusta. She knows her botany and birds, particularly the many bird calls and has a keen interest and knowledge in aboriginal lithics (stone chippings) and how they allow for the interpretation of the landscape.

Lyn is a tremendous asset to Explore the Outback with her easy going yet professional manner and her ongoing involvement with us is good news for those who've been out with Lyn into this amazing desert landscape with its myriad of secrets and surprises.

Lyn owns her own camels and has a great affection for these animals which will be obvious after a few minutes with her and the camels. Forget what anyone told you about biting, spitting and kicking dromedary camels - it simply isn't true. Where there exists a common mutual respect between handler and animal, there also exists an extremely healthy and amicable working relationship.

Now that's great camel trekking.

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Senior guide - Lyn Gee with "Gimel"



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