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Mattress - RIP

"Mattress" - old timer, been there, done that, lead-camel. Now deceased after 19 years of unbelievable service

Philip Gee purchased his first ten camels in 1984 and Mattress was one of these.

One of the features of our operation is that many camels can be reliably brought to the 'lead' but Mattress was the camel of choice until 2002.

There wasn't much that Mattress hadn't seen or could not do. He had experienced just about all there was to experience and that covers some pretty testing situations!

Mattress was named after a good friend (Matthew) whose nickname was 'Mattress'.

In April 2003, Mattress was put down for post-mortem purposes to find out why he was wasting away. For the sake of the rest of the camels we needed to know. This was a terrible decision to make but necessary. We found a huge 20kg cyst in his left lung which was not contagious but it was also beyond surgery, had we known of its presence.

Mattress will be remembered very affectionately by many and he will be sadly missed by staff. His position at the front of the string was taken by the legendary Wally, three times Australian camel racing champion (1994,95,96).

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Lead camel "Mattress" - RIP
Photo - Philip Gee (2000)



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