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Zebra Finch

Taeniopygia guttata

The Zebra Finch is perhaps the most common bird along the Oodnadatta Track. Like all finches, it requires daily water but with the abundance of mound springs in the district it has no trouble making its residency virtually anywhere, particularly in amongst prickly Dead Finish bush.

The Zebra Finch always appear to lead a highly social life about water. When our camel team approaches a spring it is invariably the Zebra Finch population that welcomes us with an intense barrage of inquisitive chattering. They quickly become indifferent to our presence and continue on with their chattering, swimming, drinking and squabbling with gay abandon.

Zebra Finches are grass seed eaters and are themselves eaten by birds of prey and all reptiles big enough and clever enough to capture them.

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Zebra Finch
Zebra Finch
Photo - Philip Gee



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