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It is impossible to provide a comprehensive overview here of the natural environment but these selected photos will provide an insight into the colours, natural diversity and intrigue of the Lake Eyre desert environment.

black dingo
Black dingo
bynoe's gecko
Bynoe's gecko
long snouted dragon
Long snouted dragon
mound spring
Mound spring
sand hill moth
Sand hill moth
zebra finch
Zebra finch
inland dotterel
Inland dotteral
orange chat
Orange chat
painted dragon
Painted dragon
red barred dragon
Red barred dragon
cricket web
Cricket web

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Heritage and history

The Oodnadatta Track is Australia's most important outback heritage trail. Along it can be founds remains of the original north-south wagon road (bullocky road), the Overland Telegraph Line (OTL) and the Ghan Railway.
It is also the location of first European settlement in outback australia and historic survey cairns and pioneering pastoral relics & ruins are commonplace.

bullock cue
Bullock cue
old railway grave
Old railway grave
dalhousie ruins
Dalhouse ruins
lime burning kiln
Lime burning kiln
hammer & gad inn
Hammer and gad inn
pioneer sheep yard
Pioneer cheep yard
pink roadhouse
Pink roadhouse
relict OTL pole
Relict OTL pole
peake ruins
Peake ruins

bullocky road
Bullocky road
trigonometric cairn
Trigonometric cairn
explorer tree
Explorer tree

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Mustering stock camps

As you travel through the country to meet up with us you may be lucky enough to see our very skilled and hardy stockmen on the job.
Their work is long, hard and often dangerous. Stockmen must contend with ferocious wild cattle, searing summer heat and an incredible loneliness. They are always very happy for a chat so don't hesitate to stop if you see them. They'll be difficult to find however as they populate the outback in numbers fewer than 1 per 4,000 square kilometres!

stock work
Stock work

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Scenery and atmosphere

This simply isn't a better way to see the natural and cultural heritage of the Australian Outback - no noise - no motors - no rush.

camels on salt lake
Camel on salt lake
coppertop hill
Coppertop hill
pack saddle
Pack saddle
on the move
On the move
on the move
On the move
on the move
On the move
on the move
On the move
on the move
On the move
trek gear
Trek gear

prepare for loading
a little fun

loading camels
Up up up up up!
  a little fun
a little fun

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